The New Generation

By St. Roch’s Ceili Band

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St. Roch’s Ceili Band, Glasgow

Not exactly sure when this came out, but the "St. Roch’s Ceili Bands" [ and there are several of them, in various age groups *] has been the musical home for many of the finest players of Irish traditional music ever to come out of Scotland. Several of the players on this CD have gone on to become very well known in the Scottish / Irish traditional music scene.
Johnny Canning, who has a solo on track #3, became Senior All-Ireland fiddle champion, I think 2 years ago.
Kevin O’Neill plays flute with "The Treacherous Orchestra". [ solo track #12 ].
Celine Donoghue has a superb banjo solo on track #9.
Other players such as Danny Boyle, Peter Webster, Katy Boyle, Christina Smith and Mairead McManus are all very prominent on the Glasgow session scene.
They seem to have gone out of their way to credit the composers of many of the "non-traditional" tunes played here, which is something I thoroughly approve of.
[ * As I write this, I seem to remember accordion player Paddy Callaghan telling me a month or so ago, that there are currently something like 7 "St. Rochs Ceili Bands" at the moment ].
Some of the tunes which don’t have links above were composed by Frank McArdle, who instigated the whole thing in 1978.

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