Heat Of The Moment

By Pierre Schryer And Ian Clark

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Heat of the Moment

A live recording featuring Canadian master fiddler Pierre Schryer and session.org member Ian Clark on guitar. The near telepathy one hears between the two is all the more remarkable when the sleeve notes reveal that Pierre and Ian had only played together a few times before these gigs. Rarely will you hear fiddle and guitar played at this level. An album that truly commands your attention even after repeated listenings. Wish I’d been in the club when it flew by.

Now officially part of my ‘desert island’ collection. You can get yours at http://www.pierreschryer.com. Check out the tour dates as Pierre and his band will be touring on both sides of the pond this summer (’03) in support of their new album “Blue Drag”. Don’t miss them!

correction for the first set - Rose in the Heather

I listened to me brother’s CD and the first tune in ABC notation is not the same as the tune he plays. Go to the Rambler (in A) and you’ll see that it’s closer to what Pierre is playing. Also can be Father Haley’s as this tune is similar. As for Carman’s Amber, you can find it as Brendan Tonra’s Jig.

Re: Heat Of The Moment

19 years later, this is still in rotation and is a landmark recording on my Desert Island list.