Save The Dragon

By Macfeck

  1. Trink Bruder Trink Oys
    Odessa Bulgar
  2. The Chicago
    Dick Gossip’s
    Jenny’s Chicken
    The Nine Points Of Roguery
  3. Esperanza
  4. The White Petticoat
    Humours Of Whiskey
    The Mooncoin
  5. Arta Ganbaran
    Aita San Miguel
  6. Hassapo Servico
  7. Eyderich Leyg Mich Shlofn
    Something Quite Sad
  8. Tana Como Home
    Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  9. May Or Might Never
    Eat The Missionaries
  10. Radio
    The Banana
    Hungarian Song

Two comments


Based in Pontevedra, Galizia, Spain… This CD was released in 2003
01. Drink

02. Feck

03. Esperanza
04. Mahogany Gas-Pipe

05. Arta
06. Hora

07. Shlofn
08. Tana Come Home

09. May Or Might Never
10. The Banana