Third Grand Concert of Piping

By Various Artists

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  1. Leaving Delhi
    The Killoch Glen
    Roddy McAuley’s
  2. Psalm
  3. Glen Kabul
    Miss Gillian Frame
    Cabar Feidh
  4. Trotto
  5. Inperayritz
    Los Set Goytx
  6. Salterello
  7. Belmonte De Miranda
    Xota Raiceu
  8. Xiga De Mudreiros
    Muñeira Casu
    Villancicu Pixuetu
  9. Antón El Neñu
  10. Chloe’s Passion
    Chalet Fever
  11. Seamus MacNeill
    The Country Girl And The Hungarian Fiddler
  12. The Pit
    Paper Year
    Cheese, Bread And Ham
  13. The Grappa Groove
    The Straits Of Corfu
    The Night We Had The Goats
    Nighan Caillach Nan Cearc

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Tracks 1-3
Finlay MacDonald - Border pipes, Highland bagpipes
Fraser Fifield - Border pipes, saxophone

Tracks 4-6
Anne Marie Summers - low D pipes, Border pipes
Stephen Tyler - hurdy gurdy

Tracks 7-9
Xuan Muñiz - Asturian bagpipes
Simon Bradley - fiddle

Track 10
Rory Campbell - Border pipes, Highland bagpipes
Malcolm Stitt - guitar

Tracks 11-13
Rory Campbell - Highland bagpipes