Over the Bog Road

By Patsy Moloney & John Regan

  1. McGettrick’s
    Ceo Na GCnoc
  2. The Old Pigeon On The Gate
    Donald Blue
  3. The Bridal
    Up Leitrim
  4. Father Dollard’s
    Last Of The Twins
  5. Sweet Little Girl From Barna
    Moloney’s Favourite
  6. Coilsfield House
  7. Mary Casey’s
    Brendan McCann’s Visit
  8. Sport Of The Chase
    Priest In His Boots
  9. The Old Ashplant
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  10. Wily Old Batchelor
    West End
  11. Millpond
    Maid Of Tramore
  12. John Brennan’s
    Eddie Moloney’s
  13. Moloney’s Wife
    Newly Married Couple
  14. Rose In The Garden
    Stay Another While
  15. Bluebells Are Blooming
    Wishing Well
  16. Plea Bargain
    Our House At Home