By Ducie

  1. Dr Gilbert’s
    The Fox
    Sully’s No.6
  2. Lusignac
  3. Solstice
    Nancy Noodles
  4. The Butlers Of Glen Avenue
    The Sunset
    The Roaring Barmaid
  5. Song Of The Strings
  6. The Lone Bush
    My First Wife
    The 9’th July
  7. Trounsdell’s Cross
    Sonny’s Delight
    Muinera De Casa
  8. The Boys Of Chicago
    The Rude Ring
    Sullivan’s Quay
  9. Slipping The
    Albion Street
  10. Mumbai Highway

Two comments

Ducie are a great band featuring the righteous fiddle playing of Andy Dinan

Re: Mancunia

Seems a bit unfair to single out one musician on a band CD and ignore the rest. According to a review this CD received in the "Guardian" no less, the 4 members of the band were :

Andrew Dinan - fiddle
Ian Fletcher - guitar
John Thorne - bass
Rich Sliwa - percussion

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