By John McSherry, Dónal O’Connor and Seán Óg Graham

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  1. An Ode To Heaney
    The Topper Upper
  2. Zacharias Jansson’s Polska
  3. Mórshiúl Na Mara
    Na Magha
  4. The Return To Madagascar
  5. The Cottage In The Grove
    Thady Casey’s
  6. The West Wind
    Rambling Jock
    The Old Concertina
    The Galway Rambler
  7. If Ever I Marry
  8. Clout The Cauldron
    The Wriggle Room
    The Rambles Of Rionach
  9. Lights Out
    Asturias 5-4

Four comments

Could someone with patience add the tune names to the sets? - i bought this as an e-download and don’t have the track info

Re: Ulaid

I just changed the link to "Old Concertina" (track 6, The Ramblers). On this album, the tune is John Kelly’s reel, tune #1808 on The Session.

Re: Ulaid

The Bandcamp link is for the wrong Donal O’Connor. The guy in Ulaid plays fiddle not guitar, but I can’t change it.