Aly Bain and Mike Whellans

By Aly Bain and Mike Whellans

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  1. Jack Broke Da Prison Door
    Donald Blue
    Wha’ll Dance Wi’ Wattie ?
  2. Jimmy Clay
  3. Maple Sugar
  4. Whistlin’ Through The Pines
  5. The Buckin’ Mule
  6. Sweet Georgia Brown
  7. Lucky Can Du Link Ony ?
    Da Foostra
    Aandowin’ At Da Bow
  8. Fiddler’s Green
  9. Willie MacIntosh
  10. Niel Gow’s Lament For His Second Wife
  11. Steppin’ Out

Three comments

From 1971….

One of the most curious combinations ever to come out of the Scottish folk scene, but one which worked exceedingly well, if you were ever lucky enough to see them live. Aly teamed up with Mike quite soon after moving to the mainland from Shetland. Aly of course was the Shetland fiddler, steeped in that tradition, but also with a liking for other fiddling styles as well. Mike is one of the most versatile musicians ever from Scotland. His main thing would be called “Americana” these days - he’s one of the best blues-harp players on the planet - and his “one man band” sets, using vocals, blues-harp, guitar and drum, are astonishing.
They teamed up with Robin Morton and Cathal McConnell for a short time as “The Boys Of The Lough”, but Mike moved on, and was replaced by Dick Gaughan.
There’s a real mixture of material on this recording, as you can see from the track list, and I believe it was the first Scottish recording ever of “Cooley’s” reel.
I’ll try to find a clip or 2 of Mike on “Youtube”. I know he did do a very interesting collaboration with “Battlefield Band” piper Mike Katz a few years back.

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