"And With That…."

By Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music

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Recording made by the resident musicians of "Fitzsimon’s" Hotel, Temple Bar, Dublin.

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"Fitzsimons" recording

Seems to be a bit of a cottage industry in Dublin, where the resident musicians at "Oirish" shows for tourists produce a CD to sell at their gigs, which makes commercial sense. This is actually one of the better ones I’ve come across, with some very good playing on it. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who’s playing, as only first names are listed on the CD sleeve, which isn’t really of much use. I’ve had to fill in some tune titles, and there are a few which will come to me after a bit of research.
I’d rather find a session, myself, but if you’re in Dublin, looking to hear some good Irish music, "Fitzsimons Hotel" in Temple Bar might be worth a look.

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