Late… In The Night

By Christy Barry, Conor McCarthy, Cyril O’Donoghue

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  1. The Swallow’s Nest
    Sliabh Bloom
    Splendid Isolation
  2. Pat Mahon’s
    Roland’s U-Turn
  3. The Storks Have Landed
    The Magpie’s Nest
    The Steam Packet
  4. Christy Barry’s
    The Butlers Of Glen Avenue
    The Stolen Purse
    The Old Lark In The Morning
  5. Jenny Picking Cockles
    The Maids Of Hollywell
  6. The Dear Little Isle
  7. Willie Kelly’s
    Dha Phreachan
    Bobby Casey’s
  8. Down Through The Broom
    Patrick Coneally’s
    The Red Roofed Cottage
  9. Anach Cuain
  10. McEvoy’s
    The London Lassies
    The Other McLeod’s
  11. England’s Motorway
  12. Sergeant Early’s Dream
    The Barge Inn
    McEvoy’s No. 2

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Christy Barry: flute, tinwhistle, low whistle, spoons
Conor McCarthy: accordion
Cyril O’Donoghue: bouzouki, guitar, vocals

Recorded live in the famous O‘Connor’s Bar in Doolin, Co. Clare, by three great musicians, Christy Barry on flute and whistle, Kilfenora Ceili Band box player Conor McCarthy, and bouzouki/guitar player and singer Cyril O’Donoghue, this is the next best thing to being there in person. The music is tremendous, and so is the atmosphere. The more I hear albums of this kind (see the Lahawns as well), the more I think that’s how they hould all be made.

I agree - such a great album, as infectious as they are live (almost)! Thanks for posting it.

Christy Barry is one of my favorite whistle/flute players. This album is just great stuff all around. It’s one of my favorite albums to just sit down and listen to because it has so many different moods. On some of the tracks they’re really tearin‘ away like the tinker’s britches. But there are also some lovely airs and some really, really nice tracks with just Barry and O’Donoghue. I give it two thumbs up and if my feet weren’t in shoes I’d raise my toes too.

Yes, great recording! Not sure if it’s available in the US where I live, but I picked up a copy when I was in Doolin a couple years back….oh, how I long to return…. (a great pub too!)


I was just in Doolin and happened to come across a session with Christy and maybe Conor. I played with them and boy were they fantastic. I got there CD and submitted it, not realizing it had already been done by someone else.

Re: Late… In The Night

Which tunes does Christy Barry consider the “Christy Barry Set?” I know he wrote the first one, and what’s often called Christy Barry’s 2 is The Butlers of Glen Avenue by Tony Sullivan.

Which tunes does he consider the Connemara set?