Level Pegging

By Jon & Alfie

  1. Farewell To Whalley Range
    Standard Jon Meal
  2. Ali Brady’s
    Old Lancashire
  3. Gannel Crake
    Two Borders
  4. The Key To The Cellar
    The Rusty Gully
  5. Leaving Friday Harbour
  6. Skylight
    Simon And Candy’s Halsway
  7. Watermans
  8. Jodie’s Swivel
    The Butterfly

Three comments

Jon & Alfie - Level Pegging

Jon & Alfie are practising multi-instrumentalist folk musicians emanating from Cornwall. They arrange both original material and traditional folk tunes from all over the world with a distinctive and unique style. Jon’s mischievously jazzy and adventurous flute and whistle melodies sit playfully atop the darkly sparkling thrum of Alfie’s guitar and various stringed instruments. Their arrangements are rhythmically charged, at once foot-stamping and unpredictable and their sound is experimental in its subtle questioning of folk music idioms. Their performance is guaranteed to put a twitch in your face and a grin on your toes.

Hear them by their BandCamp page!

Re: Level Pegging

I wonder if "Jon" is Jon Boden.

Re: Level Pegging

According to the bandcamp page, it’s Jon Dyer & Alfie Gidley.