By T.J. Hull and Jeff Ksiazek

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During the 1920s and 1930s, a connection was forged. Immigrant musicians from Ireland created an abundance of recordings that, in turn, made their way from the United States back home to influence other musicians. The big pond became a bit smaller, and Irish traditional music became a bit bigger.

TJ Hull, fiddler, and Jeff Ksiazek, guitarist, are two musicians, some eighty odd years later, who are still being influenced by this music, by names like Coleman, Morrison, and McKenna. Taking inspiration from these past legends, as well as many other master musicians along the way, this duo focuses on the heart and soul of the tunes handed down over the years. They recall the simple setting of the early traditional recordings: a melody, an accompaniment, and a tune.

Still, Hull and Ksiazek view this music as a living tradition. Chances are taken. Creativity is paramount. Other influences are absorbed. The end result is traditional, yet modern. Familiar, yet unexpected