Long Time Getting Here

By Donald Stewart & Chris Boland

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  1. A Night In Orphir
    Farewell To Irn-Bru
    The Ardgour Seamstress
    Sunday Morning
  2. Christine’s
  3. Over The Hill For Lesley
    Walloper’s Waddle
  4. Fittin’ ‘n’ Futterin’
    Plumin’ The Depths
    The Buggle Beastie
  5. Farewell To Whisky
  6. The North Shore
    Hills Of Lutsen
  7. The Three Shes
    The Banks Of Bishopsgate
    The Lindon Bypass
  8. Alma’s Garden
  9. Trip To Toronto
  10. Ballachullish Bayou
    Boland’s Bolognaise
    The Grambois Granny
  11. Archie’s Welcome
    Etienne’s Big Day
  12. Memoires Of Elma
  13. Captain Carswell
    Father John MacMillan Of Barra
    The Old Woman’s Dance
    James MacLellan’s Favourite