Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot

By The Rude Mechanicals

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  1. Sheffield
  2. Friar’s Breeches
  3. Leaving Friday Harbour
  4. Liam Browne’s
    Jer The Rigger
  5. Cahiramee
  6. CiG Polska
  7. O’Connell’s Farewell
  8. Shetland Bus
  9. Hot Punch
    Little Burnt Potato
  10. Dorsetshire
    West End
  11. Rosin The Bow
  12. Santa Claus
  13. Biddlestone
  14. Gentiane
  15. Trip To Brighton
    Uncle Bernard’s
  16. Wild Hills Of Wannies
  17. Navvy On The Line
    Laird Of Gulberwick
  18. Vals A Lulu
  19. Humours Of Wapping
    Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot
  20. Girl With A Blue Dress
    Unfortunate Tailor
    Percy Brown’s
  21. Pilvi And Esko’s

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Lady Pentweazle’s maggot

This CD is collection of tunes from the repertoire of The Rude Mechanicals - a multi-intrumental trio based in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex. Some of the tunes are well known among local session players and have been picked up over several decades of immersion in the folk scene, a couple found in relatively obscure collections and dragged blinking into the light - e.g., the title track - while some are recent acquisitions from pieces circulated among the community of UK nyckelharpa players. More about the Mechanicals, and a big collection of dots for tunes they have amassed (many with their own 2- or 3-part arrangements) at The CD is on sale at their gigs or via their website.
(Note: This trio is not connected with any theatre company using the same name: it’s just coincidence).

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