The Picturesque Piccolo

By Jim Gornall

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  1. The Bee’s Wing
  2. The Piccolo #1
    The Piccolo #2
  3. Three Little Boats Went Out To Sea
  4. Fall From The Stars
    The Crabs
    Jump At The Sun
  5. Blind Mary
  6. Father O’Flynn
    The Irish Washerwoman
    Haste To The Wedding
  7. Carolan’s Receipt For Drinking
  8. The Little Heathy Hill
  9. Spellan The Fiddler
  10. The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
    The Golden Stud
    The Dunmore Lasses
  11. Carmel’s Lullaby
  12. Madam Bonaparte

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"The Picturesque Piccolo"

I found this recording 2 years ago in Ennis, and without knowing anything about Jim Gornall, and not really having any other Irish music played on piccolo apart from John Doonan, and some early recordings on "Fluters Of Old Erin", I took a chance on it. Jim’s obviously a very competent player on an instrument I’ve never managed to get to grips with, and has a few of his own compositions recorded here as well as some old standards. I would have liked to hear a few more reel sets, but that’s just me.
Also appearing are :
Karl Nesbitt - bouzouki, bodhran
James Gornall - guitars, keyboards, low whistle, programming, string section composition and arrangements.

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