Caught & Released

By Pete Clark and Gregor Lowrey

  1. Marnoch’s
    Glen Lyon
    The Pitnacree Ferryman
    Glen Ogle
  2. Donald Mackenzies’s
    The Blue Studio
    The Old Forge
  3. Sarah
  4. Dumbarton Castle
    The Miller O’ Hirn
    Bonnie Banchory
  5. The Dean Brig Of Edinburgh
    Mme Neruda
  6. Farewell To Whisky
    Welcome Whisky Back Again
    Highland Whisky
    Jig O’ Beer
    The Famous Baravan
  7. PM Sandy Spence
    PM Bill Hepburn
    The Panda
    The Ramnee Ceilidh
    The High Drive
  8. MacCzardas
  9. The Midnight
  10. Bruce Sandison’s Two Step
  11. Pennan Den
  12. Cubanola
  13. Tarskavaig Sunset
    Ian And The Argocat
  14. Mo Mhathair
    Mo Dhachaidh
    Sine Bhan

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Re: Caught & Released

Well, I’d say so, except that I don’t really know what to say on it that isn’t fairly obvious. Fiddle and accordeon duet, mostly. Some of the sets (including the first) are pretty good. They also have a version of "The Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh" / "The Banks" / "Madame Neruda" which is how I found the album in the first place and which I enjoy. I will say that "Glen Lyon" is not the reel listed in the database, but rather a simple pipe reel in A pentatonic.