Caught & Released

By Pete Clark and Gregor Lowrey

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Re: Caught & Released

Well, I’d say so, except that I don’t really know what to say on it that isn’t fairly obvious. Fiddle and accordeon duet, mostly. Some of the sets (including the first) are pretty good. They also have a version of “The Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh” / “The Banks” / “Madame Neruda” which is how I found the album in the first place and which I enjoy. I will say that “Glen Lyon” is not the reel listed in the database, but rather a simple pipe reel in A pentatonic.

Re: Caught & Released

Hi. I have the electronic version of this and it’s great. Does anyone know who composed Track 2A, the strathspey Donald MacKenzie’s? I tried looking it up but come out with Phil Cunningham’s Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie’s reel. It definitely sounds like a different tune, though, as opposed to a slower version of that reel. It’s a great album by the way.

Re: Caught & Released

Nothing at all to do with Phil’s tune.