Finlay MacDonald

By Finlay MacDonald

  1. The Plagiarist
    The Night We Had The Goats
  2. Angus Sutherland
    The Mountain Dairymaid
  3. Jock The Box
    The Fisherman’s Lilt
  4. Captain McKerrell’s
    Nigel Richards’
  5. The Road To Loch Nam Bearnish
    Major Forbes
    Lord William
  6. Miss Gow
    The Cameronian Rant
    The Flaggon
  7. Lake Orchid
  8. Ghoid Iad Mo Bhean Uam An Raoir
    Greek Street
  9. The Rusty Gun
    A.A. Cameron’s
    The Meechan’s
  10. The Humpback Whale
  11. I Would Have Preferred Thee At First, But Not Now Sir
    Daniel Of The Sun
    Welcome Joe McAuley’s
  12. My Old Man Is Long A’ Dying
    An T-ord Gallach
    Sugar Merchant
  13. Cowden Hall
  14. Mrs. MacLeod Of Raasay

One comment

Finlay MacDonald

This is a debut album of a young, cool Scottish piper. Though some tracks are jazzy in arrangement and playing, they are not excessively modern. Some other tracks are totally unaccompanied, and so traditionalist listers will also enjoy this recording. Don’t miss his flute playing, either.

Released by Foot Stompin’ Records, which is run by well-known concertina player Simon Thoumire. You can read more detailed review and sample several tracks here: