Fiddle Case

By Pete Clark

  1. Strathgarry
    Miss Stewart Of Grandtully
    The Southside
    The Dog Under The Table
  2. Niel Gow’s Lament For His Second Wife
  3. Greystone Park
    Loch Ordie
    Rodach Mhor
  4. Midnight
  5. Harry Grant Of Saline
    Da Auld Restin Chair
  6. Dumfries House
    Hooper’s Trip To Venus
    Duncan MacDonald’s Fiddle
    Sandy Grant
  7. Maura Leahy’s
  8. The Quiet Hills
    President Gorbachev’s
  9. The Maple’s Lament
  10. Fair Doos
  11. Michael Og
  12. The New Road
    Going Round In Circles
  13. Nona’s
    Sarah Lindsay’s
  14. Autumn Leaves

Two comments

Pete Clark

Just had the privilege of hearing Pete Clark on a recent round of house concerts in California. His partner had to go home early for a family emergency, so it was just Pete. Just Pete? Undiluted fiddle by a master, lovely playing. He had the audience enraptured.

Very personable performer, with poetic interludes and stories. I had the chance to talk with him during the break. When I asked about his fiddle, he handed it to me to play. Just brilliant.

We are now including Pete Clark tunes in our weekly sessions.

Re: Fiddle Case

In CD of Peter Clark Midnight is a waltz and not a reel.