Keep Her Lit

By Gary Quinn

  1. Keep Her Lit
    Road To Errogie
  2. The Goat
    Rockin’ The Boat
  3. The Quadrille Dance Set
  4. Cottesloe Beach
    West Of The Corrib
  5. Web Of Life
  6. Jack Coughlan’s
    Dillon’s Fancy
    The Wedding (in D)
  7. Western Rest
    Eastern Test
  8. Why Daddy?
    Don’t Know, Son
  9. The Children’s Carousel
  10. Scammel Wheel Nuts
    Boys Of Malin
    ‘Liv’s ‘Lectric Smile
  11. Rags To Rock & Roll

Two comments

Keep Her Lit

Gary Quinn comes from Brierfield near Moylough in Co. Galway. He is a former All-Ireland Champion Accordion player and has just recorded his debut solo album "Keep her lit !!". This features many well-known and respected
musicians, including Sean de Burca, Sean Regan, Steve Simmonds, Kieran Quinn, Tom Giblin, Bruno Staehelin & Sinead Deely.

"Just" being a relative term for the year 2008?

Nevertheless, I’ve had this for a while, and it’s an unusual recording without being untowardly so. Ridiculously upbeat tempo, and features a lot of his own compositions; it’s a good recording, but I never warmed to it at all. He’s obviously confident and skilled, but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and I doubt it’ll blow anyone away.