A Galway Afternoon

By Joe and Joanie Madden

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In memory of Joe…

This particular recording seems to have slipped below the radar, having been released in 2010, and never posted here . An excellent flute / accordion duet album by “Cherish The Ladies” Joanie Madden, and her father Joe. According to the sleeve notes, Joanie took Joe up to Charlie Lennon’s studio in 2008, and the whole album was recorded in an afternoon. Tragically, Joe had an accident 5 months after making the trip to the studio, and never recovered, but his playing on this recording lives on in musical memory to him, and very fine music it is too.

Many thanks to 2 very kind and generous musicians from Tuam for sending me this recently - you know who you are 🙂.

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By the way, Jeremy……

…..that photo above at the moment of “Joe”, doesn’t look at all like him in the album sleeve notes !

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Thank you, Jeremy…


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