Turtle United

By Turtle United

  1. Shalom Aleichem
    Rachel Learns To Love Contra
    Green Magpie
  2. Charley’s Hat
    The Hobbit Stomp
    Witch’s Ramble
  3. Road Trip
    The 28th Of January
  4. Wicker
    Long Weekend
  5. Maulkin’s Tangle
    Ships Are Sailing
  6. Kitchen Girl
  7. Gravel Walk
    Turtle On Vacation
  8. Irishman’s Heart To The Ladies
    Connaught Man’s Rambles
  9. Sligo Maid
    Turtle On The Turnpike
  10. Teetotaler’s
    Paddy On The Turnpike
    Reel Saint Joseph

One comment

Great band!

"…The 10 instrumental tracks on the album flow melodically with a consistent uplifting energy. With alternating tempos and a rich diversity of musical instruments mastered by four talented players from Rochester, Turtle United is a fantastic recording…"

Turtle United of Rochester, NY was formed in late 2003 by four young people of varied musical backgrounds united by a love of contradancing and contradance music. The band plays traditional and original fiddle tunes as well as some unusual covers of Rusted Root and Ani Difranco among others. Always fun and danceable, the mood of the Turtles can be funky, dreamy, silly, rocking, slinky, and everything in between!
Graduate school has gotten in the way of our performing together, but we hope to someday be Turtle ReUnited

Charley Beller, banjo and percussion, has a musical background in jazz and Klezmer along with a passion for old-time banjo and driving hand-drum beats. Charley is also interested in Improv Comedy and is a member of Rochester’s Geva Comedy Improv.

Dan Chernosky, guitar, studied jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music and while he has been a band teacher in Palmyra, New York, he will be studying jazz guitar performance at Rutgers University. He brings his considerable acoustic chops and beautiful Martin to the Turtles’ sound.

Louise Chernosky, piano, studied piano at Eastman School of Music and has been in a graduate musicology program at the University of Buffalo, and will be pursuing a doctorate in Musicology at Columbia University. She loves to take a break from her piano and organ gigs to play with the Turtles.

Megan Beller, fiddle, has a degree in violin performance from the Eastman School of Music. She teaches fiddle at Eastman School of Music and Suzuki violin at the Kanack School of Music in Rochester, New York. She also plays with Contranella, and enjoys playing occasionally in the 12 Corners Klezmer Band.