Masters Of Irish Music

By Martin Byrnes

  1. The Duke Of Leinster
    The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife
  2. Paddy Fahey’s
    The Cliffs Of Moher
  3. The Tarbolton
    The Longford Collector
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  4. Bantry Bay
    The Stack Of Barley
  5. Farewell To Ireland
    Irish Molly
  6. The Ashplant
  7. Liffey Banks
    The Shaskeen
  8. Hitler’s Downfall
  9. The Battle Of Aughrim
  10. The Humours Of Lissadel
  11. The Blackbird
    Rodney’s Glory
  12. The Collier’s
    The Bucks Of Oranmore

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Martin was born in the village of Ahascragh near Ballinasloe.
He was part of the great Irish music scene in London in the 1950’s and having played together in several pubs,it was Martin’s idea to record with Reg.
This took place at Reg’s house in Croydon in June 1967 and what resulted is music with a sweet singing tone and tremendous lift and vitality.
One of the truly great fiddle albums.

The Pianist is Reg Hall

A little more about Reg Hall

Reg Hall started playing the melodeon in the 1950s, started a band called "The Rakes", which is still going, was one of the leaders of the revival of "English Country Music" in the 60s and 70s and gained his doctorate for a thesis on Irish traditional music in London. You can see and hear him playing fiddle and melodeon for Bampton Morris every year on Spring Bank Holiday in Bampton, Oxfordshire.

I just looked in here inspired by a discussion today. The fiddle player of the Rakes is Paul Gross, a regular at our session at the Blythe Hill Tavern. Nice man, nice player.

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

I bought it some months ago and I think I got it in Custys in Co.Clare , its just great ! Mairtin Byrnes is also featured in a few tracks on "Paddy in the Smoke" which is also a fantastic recording, well worth getting

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

Part of a series from the Outlet label - 1st LP was Seamus Ennis, the other day my copy of #3 arrived, Seamus Tansey With Eddie Corcoran. Most highly excellent puffing, dude!

Buy ‘em collect ‘em trade ‘em

Here’s the Ennis, used LP in the UK: Also here you can read liner notes, from the pen of Seamus’s Ma:

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

No, Kevin,

The Martin Byrnes, Séamus Ennis and Tansey/Corcoran albums were issued on the Leader label, not Outlet. All of the recordings on said label, founded by Bill Leader (who did such great work for Topic too) are now owned by the iniquitous Dave Bulmer of Celtic Music renown. There are numerous threads about Mr. Bulmer on The Mudcat Café site.

One great album from the label which has never reappeared in CD format was ‘Irish Music from The Favourite’.

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Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

Thanks all - looks like I’m sorted out now

Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

Anyone know where/whether this CD is available. I’ve trawled the net to no avail.

ps yes, I’ve asked this before (3 years ago), but no luck so I’m still looking!

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

Thanks - I saw the musicstack one but it is on vinyl !

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

I once saw Martin Byrnes play at the Sunday morning session in the Favourite in Holloway, London in about 1969. Not been a fiddle player his name didn’t mean anything to me at the time, but I do remember how other musicians spoke about him with a certain amount of respect.

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

The problem with the availability of the album is that it’s one of the ‘lost Leaders’. The Leader label was acquired by Dave Bulmer of Celtic Music and few of the original LPs have ever resurfaced in CD format. The Martin Byrnes album was one of those few and that was a good fifteen years ago.

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Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

It’s worth hunting down. My very favorite cd out of hundreds.

Re: Martin Byrnes - ‘Masters of Irish Music’

re the Celtic Grooves link - i sent them an enquiring email but their reply was:

I don’t think the CD is available anymore, but I’m not certain. It was released by Celtic Music in the UK, so you’d have a better chance to find it there if it is still available.

Philippe Varlet
Celtic Grooves Imports
Hard-to-find imported Irish CDs

Re: Masters Of Irish Music

I loved listening to this album of Máirtín growing up. Did he continue to play in London? Did he ever return to Ireland?