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By Planxty O’Rourke

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"Planxty O’Rourke" - mystery

There’s some very good playing on this recording - which is also available as a low-cost DVD. However, the tune listing is a disgrace, I’ve posted above what’s on the CD, but most of the tunes are already here under their more common names. Nowhere on the CD or DVD does it even say who any of the members of "Planxty O’Rourke" are, but from the DVD, I suspect they are a young group from some branch of Comhaltas. It’s a real shame that they do not get the credit for their playing. Does anyone know who they are / were ? It looks like accordion player Ned Kelly, who certainly toured with one or more Comhaltas groups, may have been involved [ see track #13 ], but who were the others ?

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