Live from the Music Hall, Aberdeen

By The Occasionals

  1. Colored Aristocracy
    Waiting For The Federals
    North Shore Breakdown
  2. Welcome Christmas Morning
    Southesk Jewel
  3. The Directors
  4. The Highlanders Of Loon Mountain
  5. Peggy MacDonald Of Sollas
    Loch Portain
  6. Spancil Hill
    Ben Bulben Of Sligo
  7. The Glendaruel Highlanders
    The Midlothian Pipe Band
  8. Cathkin Braes
  9. The Barony
  10. Jimmy’s Favourite
    Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
  11. Spaelimenninir
  12. The Lassie
    The Silver City
  13. Maxwell’s Rant
    Cutting Bracken
    Lady Mackenzie Of Coul
  14. Millbank Cottage
  15. The Riverside
    Jenny Wilson, Gracefield
    He’s O’er The Hills
  16. The Silver Sands Of Morar
    Mo Mhathair
  17. The Mason’s Apron

Three comments

Hard to believe this is a live recording — astoundingly tight, with not a bit of crowd noise. Many of the tunes are Freeland Barbour compositions.

They divnae get excited in Aiberdeen, Ben 🙂.

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Well, they should hae! The waltz "Karasjok" is my favorite tune at the moment.