Behave the Bravest

By Nuala Kennedy

  1. Lovely Armoy
  2. Hi Bonnet So Blue
  3. My Brown Haired Boy
    Young Tom Ennis
  4. Le Funambule
  5. Fair Annie Of The Loch Royanne
  6. Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte
    The Fair Hill Of Killen
  7. Glen Where The Deer Is
    The Ivy Leaf
    The Dublin Lasses
  8. The Lion’s Den
    The Burning House
  9. Death And The Lady
  10. Muiñeira De Paula
    The Broken Lantern

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Behave the Bravest

Nuala Kennedy - Vocals, Flute, Whistle (Ireland/Scotland)
Donald Hay – Drums/Percussion (Scotland)
Michael Bryan – Guitar (Scotland)
Shona Mooney – Fiddle (Scotland)
Eamon O’ Leary – Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals (Ireland/USA)
Johnny Connolly – Button Accordion (Ireland/USA)
Mathias Kunzli – Drums/Percussion (USA)
Joe Philips – Double Bass (Canada)
Paul Savage - percussion (Scotland)

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