Ceol Tire

By Various Artists

  1. Jackson’s
    Johnny’s Wedding
    The Hunter’s Purse
  2. Rakish Paddy
    The Heather Breeze
  3. The Cuckoo
    The Sweep’s
  4. Sporting Paddy’s
    Murphy’s Favourite
  5. A Visit To Ireland
    The Frost Is All Over
  6. Carrowcastle Lassies
    The Maids Of Mt. Cisco
    St. Ruth’s Bush
  7. Music In The Glen
    The Longford Collector
  8. The Mountain Top
    The Bunch Of Keys
  9. The Kesh
    Donnybrook Fair
  10. The Jolly Tinker
    The Maids Of Castlebar
  11. The Sailor On The Rock
    Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
  12. The Woman Of The House
    The Bank Of Ireland
    Miss McLeod’s

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Cce Lp

Reads as:
Coleman, Gardiner, McKenna, Liddy, names like these conjure up visions of great nights of music-making in the halycon days of Irish fiddling and flute playing in the Sligo/Leitrim style.Coleman, McKenna, Morrison etc are widely known through the recordings of their music that have been published in the USA. On this LP we bring you some rare recordings of the Gardiners of Ballymote, the Liddy’s of Killargue, and their fellow musicians in the Kincora Ceili Band and the Belhavel Trio, reknowned musicians every one, who played their special style of music at concerts, ceilithe, and sessions throughout Ireland in the thirties, forties and fifties. These recordings demonstrate the lift, verve and style of these musicians in their musical hey-days.The tunes are the popular Sligo tunes: versions are the pure flute and fiddle settings from the heart of the North Connaught tradition.Track 11 is of particular interest as it was recorded in 1974. John Joe Gardiner was then just over four score years of age, but his playing on the concert flute retains rhythm and zest which would do justice to a man a quarter that age. He demonstrates too a style of flute playing which is seldomn heard nowadays. The music on this LP consists of some traditional jigs, reels and hornpipes played in fiery earthy style, mainly on two of the most favoured Irish instruments, the concert flute and the fiddle. Connissseurs will note the clear, well embellished melodies, with the occasional long note adding strength and interest. The rhythm has lift and vitality, and the attack is sustained through to the end of each long selection. Listen particularly for the fire and exuberance of John Joe’s "Mountain Top" also for the delicious long notes in the "Bank of Ireland" and for the chuckling gaiety of "Miss McLeod’s Reel.

Kincora Ceili Band
Mrs Kathleen Harrington fiddle
Pat O’Brien fiddle
Mick Loughman f fiddle
John Brennan flute
John Egan f flute
Mrs K O’Connor piano
Tracks 1,6,9,10,12

Gardiner Traditional Trio
John Joe Gardiner flute
Mrs Kathleen Harrington fiddle
Mrs Moya Acheson piano
Tracks 2,5,7

Belhavel Trio
Joe Liddy fiddle
Tom Liddy fiddle
Ned O’Gorman pipes
Track 4

John Joe Gardiner
Tracks 3,8,11(11 with B Mac Eachrain on piano)

CCE 1976

Ceol Tire

i stumbled across a copy 20 years ago in a second-hand store in california. i snapped it up, figuring i might never see it again. and i never have.

what a *great* album.


1st reel on track 1……..

The link is wrong. What’s being played is the "Dublin" reel in "G", or if you prefer, 3/4 of "The Westmeath Hunt"

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Interesting ?

I was looking at a copy of the Comhaltas magazine "Treoir" from 1976 a few days ago, and there’s an advertisement on the back page for this recording, the text of which has been provided above by "greenwiggle".
At the end of the article it says :
"Copies of this exciting L.P. [ £2.50 post free or 7 dollars to the U.S.] are available from C.C.E., Belgrave Square, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland"
£2.50 - post free !!!

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