We’re Irish Still

By Various Artists

  1. Cooley’s
    Billy Hanafin’s Little Bird On The Tree
  2. Gowlane
    Christmas In America
  3. Shaskeen
  4. Cooley’s
  5. Bowling Green
    Gan Ainm
  6. Barn Dance
  7. Saint Ruth’s Bush
    Morning Star
    Maid Of Mount Kisco
  8. Planxty Reynolds
    Planxty Irwin
  9. Colonel Frazer
  10. Aililiú
  11. Northwest Clare Reel No. 1
    Northwest Clare Reel No. 2
  12. Paddy O’Brien’s New Reel No. 1
    Paddy O’Brien’s New Reel No. 2
  13. Fogarty’s Kate
    Paddy Fahy’s
  14. The Gypsy
  15. Bill Lamey’s
  16. Moll Dubh A’ Ghleanna
  17. Swallow’s Tail
  18. Carraigín Ruadh
    Boston Sligo
    Jolly Sisters
  19. Gan Ainm
  20. Hector The Hero
    Banjo Breakdown
  21. Gan Ainm
  22. Thomand Bridge
  23. Gentle Ann
  24. Cooley’s
    Bird In The Bush

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Re: We’re Irish Still

Ah, yes, the Village Coach House, fronted by Larry Reynolds *and* Seamus Connolly. I wasn’t on this recording, as I surfaced the month after it was recorded. However, there is a picture inside the old LP-double-cover booklet where the H-C/BCCE is shown playing at the Can-Am club in Watertown, Ma, USA and I am the guy with the droopy mustache, playing whistle in the background, (Whereas I still play a bit of whistle, my facial hair has since joined the real world.) There are some terrific cuts on this album. Cooley’s and the Bird in the Bush were the Anthems of Boston back then. I have good friends and colleagues younger than this recording.

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Re: We’re Irish Still

pgm3, perhaps you’ll be able to identify a few more of these tunes in thesession already. I’m surprised that neither of Brendan Tonra’s first two are on here.