A Change of Reasons

By Richard Wood

  1. Mr. Martin’s Compliments To Dr. Keith MacDonald
    The New Brig Of Methlick
    The Tower Of Scolty
    The Donegal
  2. Miss Wharton Duff
    The Wonder
    The Horn
    President Garfield
  3. Use Your Imagination
  4. The British Press
    Princess Beatrice
    Arthur Muise
  5. Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh
    Cabbage Rolls Aplenty
    The Trumpet
  6. Dan Sullivan’s Favourite
    Pretty Maggie Morrisey
    The Devil’s Delight
  7. A Memory Of Angus
    Two Name
    The Heroes Of Salamanca
    Campbell Road
  8. The St. Kilda Wedding
    Trip To Windsor
  9. Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    The Weasel
    Jenny’s Chickens
    Mountain Road
    Eine Kleina
    Julia Delaney

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Re: A Change of Reasons

Apparently, this is a double-album. So where are the other fifteen tracks?

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