Heathery Breeze

By Matt Molloy

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How come this is posted in May 1993?

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never mind the date,how about a bit of comment!


Michael, what on earth are you going on about?

Where does it say anywhere anything about May 1993?

2003? even worse. I mean this record IS Desert Island Disks if there ever was one. If you trimmed this recordings section down to just half a dozen albums then this would still be here.

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Track 11 - 2nd tune.

Track 11 is 2 tunes. "Bohola" is an alternative title for "Martin Ansboro’s"[sic].

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Track 10 — First Tune

The first tune on Track 10 is linked to "Fisher’s Hornpipe." That’s incorrect; the actual tune played is the one known here as "Redican’s Mother":


Re: Heathery Breeze

"Fisherman’s" now edited to link to "Redican’s Mother."