Between Longing and Belonging

By Davy Spillane

  1. In The Deep Heart’s Core
  2. Solitary Transit
  3. White Horses In The Wind
  4. Darklight Soul
  5. King Of Somewhere Else
  6. Fading Days
  7. The River Below
  8. The Calling Of Your Heart
  9. Prayer Of Long Resolve
  10. Midnight Walker
  11. The Longing Of Aileen
  12. Once Upon A Time In The West
  13. Singing Songs To The Sea
  14. That Skyline Splendour Lights My Life
  15. South Of Valentine

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Re: Between Longing and Belonging

A retrospective by Davy Spillane containing old tracks, re-recorded, re-mixed or remastered, and new. In line with a theme of the album, Davy has renamed certain old tunes he has worked on which appear on his other albums as the name in brackets. The Prayer of Long Resolve appeared on Transparent Music 2 by B J Cole, tracks 11 & 12 are new pieces recorded with B J Cole, the remainder are on Davy’s other albums though they appear here with a fresher more contemporary sound.