By Ferintosh

  1. The Forest Of Ga-ick
    Sud An Gleann ‘sam Bi Na Feidh
    Calum Figheadair
  2. Airidh Nam Badan
    Braighe Bhanbh
    A’ Chirdhealachd
  3. Ceann-ràra
    Forneth House
  4. The Virgin’s Bower
  5. Logan Water Song
    The Blackbird
    Lark In The Morning
    Bog An Lochan
    The Corbey And The Pyett
    Green Grow The Rashes
  6. Ye Banks And Braes O’ Bonnie Doon
  7. Three Good Fellows Down In Yon Glen
  8. Tullochgorum
    Bernard’s Well
    Neil Roy
  9. The Wauking Of The Fauld
  10. Ferintosh
    Irvin Stiple
    John Howat’s
  11. Willie’s Drown’d At Gamry
    The Right Honble Lady Saltoun’s
  12. The Languor Of Love

Two comments

Re: Ferintosh

Traditional Scottish music played eloquently.

Re: Ferintosh

Ferintosh is Abby Newton (cello), Kim Robertson (celtic harp) & David Greenberg (fiddle)

Extensive sleeve notes discuss the tunes:

01 The Forest Set: The Forest of Ga-ick/Sud an Gleann ‘sam bi na Feidh (The Forest Where the Deer Resort)/Calum Figheadair (The Kilchattan Wedding). The first tune is from William Marshall’s third collection (1822), the second and third from the Simon Fraser Collection.

02 Captain Simon Fraser of the Highlands: Airidh nam Badan (The Glen of Copsewood)/Braighe Bhanbh (The Highlands of Banffshire)/A’ Chirdhealachd (The Merry Making). All three tunes from Simon Fraser Collection.

03 Two Great Houses: Ceann-ràra (Kinrara)/Forneth House. First tune Simon Fraser, second Robert Petrie (1790 & 1800).

04 The Virgin’s Bower. Sonata by James Oswald (1761).

05 Tunes for the Birds: Logan Water Song/The Blackbird (An Londubh)/Lark in the Morning/Bog an Lochan (The Water Ouzel)/The Corbey and the Pyett/Green Grow the Rashes. Traditional tunes published in multiple collections.

06 Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon. Tune by James Miller and Stephan Clarcke, used by Robert Burns for his poem.

07 Three Good Fellows Down in Yon Glen. Traditional tune published in several collections, “a particular favorite of Neil Gow.”

08 Tullochgorum (The Blue-Green Hill)/Bernard’s Well/Neil Roy. Traditional tunes, first and third published by Robert Bremner, the middle tune published by Neil Stewart.

09 The Wauking of the Fauld. Traditional marching air, the title refers to watching over the sheep fold, which provided an opportunity for men and women to spend time together.

10 Ferintosh (An Tòiseachd)/Irvin Stiple/John Howat’s Reel. First tune is by Simon Fraser, the second a traditional tune fro Robert Bremner’s first collection, and the third is composed by Hugh Dunlop and published in Kerr’s Merry Melodies.

11 William Christie Set: Willie’s Drown’d at Gamry/The Right Honble Lady Saltoun’s. Tunes from William Christy’s Collection (1820)

12 The Languor of Love (Tha Mi Tinn Leis a’ Ghaol). Simon Fraser Collection.