The Feis Album III

By Anton & Sully

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  1. Transformed
    Gan Ainm
    From Here Down
  2. Moll’s Gap
    The High Drive
    A Tune For Darren Breslin
  3. Kathleen Smith’s
    The Peerless
  4. Gilsland
    Gan Ainm
  5. I Don’t Like Tuna
    Barberstown Castle
    Slide From Grace
  6. Cecily And Dan’s Wedding
    Gorra Gorra Get Up Man
    The Boss Man
  7. Pender Bender
    Welcome Return
  8. Fi’s Frolics
    Gan Ainm
  9. The Maids Of Ardagh
    The P&O
  10. Stump
    The Banks Of Newfoundland
    Feis Burger
  11. The Abbeyfeale
    The Kishkeam Lasses
  12. The Bottle Of Heineken
    The Bottle Of Corona
  13. Princess Nancy
    The Hole In The Hedge
  14. The Stack Of Barley
    Gan Ainm
  15. The Queen Of Rangoon
    Levenshulme Leap

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Re: The Feis Album III

"Anton and Sully" are :
Anthony Davis - piano, keyboards, guitar, percussion, banjo and shoes
Liam O’Sullivan - button accordion
No more information than that on the "digipak", but there is a website address :

If you like the combination of accordion and banjo, and a lot of modern, and original, compositions, then this is the album for you. The guys are very, very accomplished players, with impeccable rhythm, I would think achieved through playing for dancers, as suggested by the recording title and the fact that the sets are listed on the "digipak" as "Heavy Jigs", "Beginner’s Reel", "Light Jigs",….etc.

"Anton" - as listed by "Last FM" above, doesn’t appear on this recording.

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