The Keegan’s Tunes (Disc Two)

By Josephine Keegan

  1. Duiche Mo Chroi
  2. The West Coast
    Fiddler’s Green
  3. Happy Days Cross
    The Cable Stitch
  4. The Piper’s Brae
    A Pound Each Way
  5. The Far Gate
    The Reelin Bridge
  6. The Square Of Crossmaglen
    Coolderry Bridge
  7. The Brier Pipe
    The Thistledown
  8. Up In The Morning
    Footing The Turf
  9. Bishopswood
  10. Ar Slieve Breac
    ’The Yew Tree
  11. The Conor Stone
    Keelaghan’s Manta
  12. Morgan Magan
  13. Bulmer’s No 13
    The Real McCoy
  14. The Orchard
    Brown’s Cows
  15. The Blueberry Bush
    The Mousetrap
  16. The Horseshoe
    The Money Spider
  17. The Coolderry
    The Copper Beech
  18. Clear The Decks
    The Waterfall
  19. The Straw Rope
    Black Rosie
  20. Aughacashel
    Ronnie Cooper
  21. The Fugitive
    The Rainbow
    Delight In Disorder
  22. Molly Eamonn Mor
    Monday Morning
  23. Glassdrummond

Three comments


Josephine Keegan, perhaps better known in the past as the piano player behind Sean McGuire, is also an excellent fiddle player and the composer of many great tunes, some of which have been recorded by well-known players--the band Altan for instance recorded “The Curlews,” and “Ronnie Cooper” has been making the rounds lately. This 2-CD set is devoted to her compositions (except for two O’Carolan tunes), performed by her and a whole cast of players on a variety of instruments. The performances are quite good throughout and, with a total of 45 tracks, there’s a lot of material to mine there, and a lot of great tunes to discover. A tunebook is also available. "