Fazendo a Coisa Celta

By Rik Dias

  1. A Ruiva E A Mulata
  2. Terra Celta
  3. Rambling Pitchfork
    Morning Star
  4. Coração De Mármore
  5. Cattle In The Cane
    Dusty Miller
  6. Olá, Sr. Pereira
  7. Silver Spear
    Earl’s Chair
    Musical Priest
  8. Roseville Fair
    Whiskey Before Breakfast
  9. Velha Irlanda
  10. Crossroads
  11. Sol De Murutinga
  12. Lark In The Morning
  13. Guaraná (Waydowntown)
  14. Jesus Joy Of Man’s Desiring

One comment

Fazendo a Coisa Celta - Irish and Bluegrass inspired album

Brazilian humour in the title.. ‘’Fazendo a Coisa Celta’’ translating ‘’Doing the Celtic Thing’’, In portuguese if you misspell ‘CeLta’ into ‘CeRta’.. The ‘Celtic Thing’ becomes the ‘Right Thing’ to be done!

Rik Dias is one of the pioneer of playing this kind of music in Brazil. Back in 1991 he started his studies in Bluegrass and Irish Traditional Music and since then he has NOT stopped!

He was invited by a great broadcast company to make the soundtrack of a soap opera with irish influences. Inspired by irish drinking songs and beautiful women composed the tracks ‘Velha Irlanda’ and ‘A Ruiva e a Mulata’ .

Rik Days is a great friend .. He was the one who introduced me in the Irish Jam Sessions atmosphere of São Paulo. He also invited me to play whistle on this recording and I have infinite gratitude to express my feelings!
Nowadays we have a band together called Tunas:
We usually do some great gigs around…

This recording is full of great musicians.. Such as the gang of Terra Celta, one of the best Celtic Rock band from Brazil, there is also a track dedicated to them . Alex Navar is one of the great enthusiast of irish music in Brazil and plays his sacred Uilleann Pipe on track 09 and 12.There is a Buddhist-irish bodhraner Stephen ‘Manjuprya’ Little (track 07 and 12).

And also:
Neymar Dias – Contrabass (1,2,4,6,7,9,11,13)
Danny Littwin – Cittern and Vocal (8)
Paulo Tonella - Dobro (1,2,4,6,9,10,11,13)
Marcus Disessa – Tin Whistle (1, 3)
Rodrigo Scott –Guitar (6)
Edson Araújo – Banjo (5, 9, 13)
Mauricio Takeda (RIP) – Fiddle (6,9,11,13)
Rodrigo Battelo – Flatpicking guitar (3,13)

RIK DIAS – Vocal, mandolin, flatpicking guitar, octave mandolin (14) and fiddle (7).

Listen now ‘Velha Irlanda’ and ‘Terra Celta’: