The Passing Moment

By Liz Giddings, Roger Digby, Bob Davenport

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  1. Whitley Chapel
  2. Green Grow The Rushes - O
    Coastal Memories
  3. Kriden Fair
    A. M. Shinnie
  4. The Old Mill Stream
  5. Heartfell
  6. Michael Coleman’s
    Flanagan Meets O’Hanlon
  7. Lucy Farr’s No. 2
    The Carraroe
  8. Down By The Sally Gardens
  9. Gloucester
  10. The London Scottish
    The Gypsy
  11. The Home Ruler
    Reel De La Pistroli
  12. Tramps And Hawkers
    The Old Changing Way
  13. The Lilting Banshee
    Have A Drink With Me
    The Lark On The Strand
  14. Downey’s
    Maids Of Mountcisco
  15. Brian Of Arragh
    The Slieve Aughty March
    Napoleon Crossing The Rhine
  16. The Queer Fella’s
    George Parkin’s
    Loge And Vivvy’s

Four comments

“Liz Giddings & Roger Digby, with guest singer Bob Davenport: The Passing Moment”

Liz Giddings - fiddle
Roger Digby - anglo concertina

Bob Davenport - voice/songs - tracks 4, 8, & 12 (2 songs)

“On many tracks they are joined by a rhythm section which is comprised of various combinations of banjo, piano, bass and percussion and features such experienced musicians in the field as Ken and Susan Lees and Ted Stevens.”

I’ve only heard snippets of this recording, added here because of a submission in ‘tunes’, from track 2:
“Green Grow The Rushes-O”
# Added by UncleJack - December 15th, 2014

Here’s hoping someone else will be more familiar with this recording and leave comment…

Bob Davenport & Roger Digby: song - “Bee’s Wing”

Uploaded on Oct 3, 2010 by ChorusKate
The legendary Bob Davenport, folk singer from the North East and early influence on Dylan, performing in June 2010 at the Islington Folk Club with Roger Digby on concertina, absolutely formidable on a cover of Richard Thompson’s BeesWing.