Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney

By Various Artists

  1. The Greeny Hill March
  2. King William’s March
  3. The Victoria
  4. Napoleon Crossing The Rhine
  5. Rory O’More
  6. The Foursome
  7. Two Wedding Marches
  8. Scapa Flow
  9. Gan Ainm
  10. Byrne’s
    The Elk’s Festival
  11. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  12. Quadrille Tune No. 1
    Quadrille Tune No. 2
  13. Miss Brown’s Horning
  14. The Morning Star
  15. Kitty My Navel
  16. Paddy Carter
  17. Bob Johnstone’s
    Bob Johnstone’s
  18. Deerness Quadrille Tune
  19. The Venus
  20. Off She Goes
    Dumfries House
    Gan Ainm
  21. The Red House
  22. The House On The Hill
  23. Gan Ainm
  24. Gan Ainm
  25. The Grand March
  26. Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
  27. Gan Ainm
    Patience Quadrille
  28. The Grand March No. 2
  29. Archie O’ Lamb Holm
    Gan Ainm
  30. The Bride’s
  31. The Rose Tree
  32. The Monymusk
    The Iron Man
  33. The House Of Skene
    The Four Stringer
    MacDonald Black

Five comments

"Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney"

Another great compilation from the collecting of Peter Kennedy, courtesy of Topic & dear Reg Hall…

Field recordings made by Peter Kennedy in 1955.
Selected and presented, with the usual booklet of notes, by Reg Hall.

"The BBC, for whom Peter Kennedy was working part-time in 1955, had more or less left Orkney alone in its recording activity, except for some recordings about local customs and beliefs made on location in 1954. At the time, Orkney was seen as being at the extreme edge of Great Britain, and was virgin territory for a music collector such as Peter, who travelled there in 1955, recording singers and musicians in informal circumstances, amassing a wealth of songs, dances and some speech excerpts that still exist, and this CD presents a representative selection of the instrumental pieces from that treasure trove of traditional music."

Voice of the People ~ 20+ Volumes compiled & with notes by Dr. Reg Hall

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you Reg, much appreciated!

Despite some tough previous business and losses with regards to Peter Kennedy, I had been pestering Peter in the last couple of years of his life by offering to be a grunt and gopher (go-for), a free service requiring no attribution to me, in the hopes of helping to get his field notes and recordings sorted and made available to all, updating his then website. But, all long since forgiven on this side, there was too much distance between us, and his battle with illness he eventually lost… I was so glad to hear his collection, extensive, was contributed to a safe place, the nation’s library… AND, I have been so glad to see it surfacing and made available, and with Reg Hall’s trusted hands and mind in the processing. ( ~ with smiles and goosebumps as I wrote that! )

Diolch yn fawr iawn! Go raibh mile ma’agat! Thank you a bunch! I look forward to enjoying more such listens and reads…

“Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney” ~ the musicians

tracks: band/musician(s) - instrument

1 - 2; 19 & 20; 32 & 33: The Garson Trio =
Jimmy Garson - fiddle
Iris Nicholson - piano accordion
John Nicholson - guitar

4 - 7: John Fraser - fiddle

8: The Anderson Brothers’ Band =
Alan, Jim, & Robin Anderson - piano accordions
Jim & George Robson - fiddles

9: Billy & Jimmy Mell - fiddles

10 & 11; 25: The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society =
Ronnie Aim - fiddle & leader & others…

12 - 16; 29 - 31: Peter Pratt - tin whistle

17: Bill Grieve - fiddle

18: Tom Thomson - fiddle

21 & 22: Jim Leslie - piano accordion

23 & 24; also 10 & 11 & 25: Ronnie Aim - fiddle

26 -28: John Burgess, Mary Ormand, & Tom Thomson - fiddles

Orkney single malt Scotch!


I have also had the pleasure of sharing Orkney’s lovely single malt, Scapa, also recommended, with or without a friend to share it with… But, at the moment it’s a Skye we’re enjoying, a Talisker, with a bit of dark chocolate. 😉

Re: "Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney"

Raw roots, with the shkin & all, vitamins and minerals and statins, fibre, the roughage that aids digestion and helps to set a better balance against the all too usual heavy fats, saccharin sweets, the crystals ~ sugar and salt, and rich fare one might be more used to. We’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting the Orkneys. I welcome these chances, listens, to visit it with the ears, to raise my appreciation and understanding there, to taste these roots… Again today I’ve been enjoying the joys of this heartful music, with thanks to Peter & Reg & Topic ~ much appreciated… I found myself smiling, lilting, and my feet following the beat.

Re: Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney

Nice to revisit this album. Track 8, "Scapa Flow" was composed by Orkney fiddler Jim Johnstone, who released some recordings during the 78rpm era. When I collected 78s, I had a couple by him, and I probably recorded them onto cassette before I passed them on. I’ll have a look sometime.