The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster ~ CD: 1 of 3

By Various Artists

  1. Lough Erne Shore
  2. The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow
  3. Gan Ainm
  4. Pat Hart’s
  5. Miss Monaghan
    The Green Mountain
    The Scholar
  6. My Charming Buachaill Roe
  7. Deartháirin ó Mo Chroí
  8. Bundle And Go
  9. Miss McLeod’s
  10. Gusty’s Frolics
  11. Moorlough Mary
  12. Marry When You’re Young
  13. Boney Crossing The Alps
  14. The Last Figure Of The Lancers
  15. The Rollicking Boys Around Tandragee
  16. Buachaillín Donn
  17. Paddy Shinahan’s Cow
  18. Farewell Green Erin
  19. The Blackbird
  20. The Loughanure Tune
  21. Seán Sa Cheo
  22. Pleoid ar an Fharraige is í átá Mor!
  23. Sráid na mBúrcach
  24. An Seanduine Dóite
  25. In Aimsir Bhaint An Fhéir
  26. The Wearing Of The Britches
  27. The Blackbird Of Avondale
  28. My Dark Slender Boy
  29. Bonnie Kate
  30. Cuffe Street
  31. The Pigeon On The Gate
  32. The Tullaghan Lasses
  33. Mooney’s Favourite
  34. The Heathery Hills
  35. The Soldier And The Sailor
  36. Wee Paddy Molloy
  37. The Atlantic Roar
  38. Rocking The Cradle

Four comments

“The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster” - 3 CDs

Peter Kennedy & Sean O’Boyle Field recordings, 1952 & 1953
Selected & presented, with notes, by Reg Hall (“The Voice of the People”)

“Traditional music-making in Ireland in 1952 was flourishing well enough in its own social settings, but it was largely hidden from the view of mainstream society. Certainly, radio and the record industry on both sides of the border scarcely knew of its existence. So it is quite remarkable that Peter Kennedy from London and Sean O’Boyle from Armagh should have combined forces and taken upon themselves, with limited resources and technical equipment, to explore and record what they could find in Ulster. This album presents a selection of their location recordings, most of which have never been issued commercially before. Each of the three CDs is presented as a separate programme but, taken together, they give a wide and varied view of traditional music in Ulster in the early 1950s.”

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Our hearts are definitely in Ulster, some of our favourite memories, and part of the wooing of my wife, taking her along with me on field trips. Such wonderful and hospitable folk, even when just down the road there was an assassination/murder, and before and after a truck load of British soldiers had stopped me and had me empty my backpack. And then, when seeing I had musical instruments, this one soldier lying on his belly aiming his rifle at me pipes up with something along the lines of ~ “I play in a ceilidh band! Give us a tune!”

My wife says, if I go first, she’s scattering my ashes in Donegal. Yes, we love the north, but most of those I had the pleasure of knowing and sharing music and dance with, back then, are no longer with us, except in the heart.

This is a lovely collection that includes some of those we had the pleasure of knowing and sharing time with. Some of the best of who I am has been courtesy of their education, and I don’t just mean music and dance…

Go raibh mile ma’agat! ~ including to Reg for bringing these projects together and releasing their light for others to enjoy and learn from…

Re: The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster ~ CD: 1 of 3

CD 1 ~ “‘Fermanagh and Donegal’ features songs by Paddy Tunney, now renowned but then unknown, and his mother Brigid, his uncle Mick Gallagher, his sisters Maureen and Annie, and his brother Joe on the accordion, alongwith some lesser-known but equally impressive singers and musicians. The great Donegal fiddle tradition is represented by John and Simie Doherty and N’eilidh Boyle, while the ninety-year-old Sheila Gallagher, still in strong and hearty voice, gives tow songs in Donegal Irish.”


1 & 19 ~ Paddy Tunney
2 ~ Brigid Tunney
6 & 7 ~ Annie Lunny
15 ~ Mick Gallagher
16 - 18 ~ Maureen Melly
24 & 25 ~ Sheila Gallagher
26 ~ Pat Bell Keown
27 & 28 ~ Maureen Melly
34 - 36 ~ Brigid Tunney


3 - 5 ~ Joe Tunney - accordion
8 - 14, 37 & 38 ~ John Doherty - fiddle & voice
20 - 23 ~ Neilidh Boyle - fiddle & voice
29 - 33 ~ Simie Doherty - fiddle