The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster ~ CD: 3 of 3

By Various Artists

  1. The Dark-Eyed Gypsy
  2. What Brought The Blood?
  3. I Am A Maid That’s Deep In Love
  4. Here’s A Health Unto All Truelovers
  5. Three Jolly Old Sportsmen
  6. The Lovely Banks Of Lea
  7. The Bandy-Legged Mule
  8. Marrow Bones
  9. Early, Early In The Month Of Spring
  10. The Lodging-House In Carrick-on-Suir
  11. The Rambling Irishman
  12. Dungarvan
  13. The Bold English Navvy
  14. The Little Beggarman
  15. Going To Mass Last Sunday
  16. Kate From Ballinamore
  17. The Miles I Have Rambled
  18. The Fair At Spancil Hill
  19. Come All You Loyal Lovers
  20. Early, Early In The Spring
  21. Blackwaterside
  22. I Wish I Was In Newross Town
  23. Nancy Hogan’s Goose
  24. I Am A Poor Girl And My Life It Is Sad

Six comments

“The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster” - 3 CDs

I could wish for more, all of the recordings made of the singing of Geordie Hannah and his sister Sarah Ann, that Topic LP, two favourite singers. Somehow our copy of that LP has gone missing ~ ‘borrowed’? ~ on a permanent basis and without us knowing… 🙁 I’m still trying to chase up a copy of the CD the family produced of Geordie’s singing, “The Fisher’s Cot”…

I do realize the limitations, that there’s only so much three CDs can handle…

This 3rd CD focuses on the joys of singing in Ulster, another appreciation we have…

More of dear Paddy Tunney would have also been welcome, and the McCuskers, and ~ sigh! 😉

“The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs ~ in Ulster” - 3 of 3

CD 3: Singers ~ “‘Travellers’ ~ was recorded at night in the open air on a temporary Travellers’ campsite outside Belfast. Christie Purcell, Mary Connors and Paddy and Mary Doran from Wexford, Lal Smith from Kerry and Winnie Ryan from Galway must have been amazed when Peter and Sean turned up and asked them to sing. In the event, however, they gave a remarkable selection of love and comic songs and a hornpipe thrown into the bargain.”

1, 7, 10, & 18 ~ Christy Purcell
2, 6, 19, 22 ~ Mary Connors
3, 9, 13, & 23 ~ Lal Smith
4 & 11 ~ Mary Doran
5, 12, 14, 16, & 21 ~ Paddy Doran
8 & 17 ~ Mary Connors & Paddy Doran
15, 20, & 24 ~ Winnie Ryan