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Crosswinds by Capercaillie

This is the second album of the band, not the first.

Although not a perfect recording marred by the sounds of wind synth and bass guitar, it includes brilliant playings of some nice tunes.

Please inform me of the title of any Gan Ainm tune.

I do have to say that the wind synthesizer and bass guitar actually add to the sound in a positive way, in my opinion. It’s a nice way of spicing up the tunes for a new generation.

The Haggis by Capercaillie - which tune?

hi -- i’ve learned a sweet set from Capercaillie’s album Crosswinds on the track called the Haggis. unfortunately they havent’ sub-labeled the tunes in the set, and i’ve just gotta know what one of the tunes in particular is called… it’s the fourth tune in the set, a D major reel, with a fabulous B part where the fiddle goes into 3rd pos on the E string. haven’t heard it anywhere else. any takers?

It’s very like a pipe tune called “Miss Girdle”. It may be the original version, a fiddle tune, which has been adapted for pipes, but that’s all I can think of. If anything else turns up, I’ll get back to you. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I’ll keep looking. If I see Charlie, I’ll ask him, or you could e-mail them through the “Capercaillie” website.

A grand outing

When me brother dropped this gem onto the turntable, at the time, I didn’t realize how my musical life would be changed by this crowd. It did, and fair play to ’em. Fine and fun.

Track Listing

I have a note of the track listing for this album as:

1. Puirt a Beul / Snug In a Blanket/Kitchen Maid/Alexander McAskill of Berneray, Harris
2. Soraidh Bhuam Gu Barraidh
3. The Hills of Glen Orchy / Rory MacLeod
4. Am Buachaille Ban
5. Nighean Donn gan Gobhar/The Haggis/Mrs Charles Stewart/Lady Montgomery/MacDagles
6. Brenda Stubbert’s/Jenny Dang The Weaver/Willie Smith’s
7. Ma Theid Mise Tuilleagh
8. Keith McKerron’s/Reconcilliation/Anon/Ness Pipers
9. Urnaigh a ’Bhan-Thigreach
10. My Laggan Love / Fox On the Town
11. An Ribhinn Donn Capercaillie