Ireland Bridge

By Becky Taylor

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  1. Trip To Greystoke
    Ted’s Fingers
    Francie Donnellan’s
  2. Kilkenny
    Baby Kee’s
    The Gift
  3. The Barring
    17 Year Gap
    Small Coals And Little Money
  4. Mable
  5. The List
    When It’s All Over
  6. Captain O’Kane
  7. Red-haired Polly
    Rattle The Cash
  8. To Limerick We Will Go
    The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
    The Road To Lisdoonvarna
  9. River Rose
    I’m Not Complaining
  10. Can’t Help Smiling
    The Way It Was

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Ireland Bridge

Becky Taylor, *Ireland Bridge* (2008)

Becky Taylor ~ uilleann pipes, Northumbrian smallpipes, whistles, piano, duet concertina, fiddle
Dave Wood ~ guitar, bouzouki
David Kosky ~ guitar (tracks 9 and 10)
Paul Cowham ~ guitar (track 7)
Leigh Stothard ~ drums, percussion
Hugh Bradley ~ electric and upright bass

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Becky Taylor: wrong pic (still!)

Yes, it’s funny to see Last FM mix up their photos of Becky Taylor the great piper with Becky Taylor the pop singer, but really don’t want this site to lazily upload that mistake. Does no-one check these entries?

Our Becky is a great musician and deserves her own photos! (And she looks far more interesting than her weirdly and badly photo-shopped counterpart).

Can anyone here please correct this, or simply remove bdh’s posting in this case?


Re: Ireland Bridge

Send Jeremy an email, Paul. He’ll sort it. I’d noticed this too. No way was that the Becky Taylor I booked for Aberdeen Folk Club over 20 years ago.
Becky is a very fine musician indeed, and this is a very good CD.