By Breabach

  1. The Midnight Sun
  2. Hautapu
    Hautapu Haku
  3. Outlaws And Dreamers
    De Drømmende
  4. Farsund
    The Night Crawler
    Wee Totum Fog
  5. Mo Thruaighe Leir Thu ‘Ille Bhuidhe
  6. The Ramparts
    We Were Poor But We Were Miserable
  7. Guku Manikay
    The White Sands Of Jervis Bay
  8. Maggie Cameron
    Lochiel’s Away To France
    The Eight Men Of Moidart
    Les Pieds Joyeux
  9. Mrs. Angus Macdonald Of Tiree
    The Striking Clock
  10. Coisich A’ Rùin
  11. Ribbon Of Fire
  12. The Last March

Three comments

Released 11/03/16

“Over the last five years we have had the great privilege of touring across the globe, each journey shaping our music and strengthening our identity. These experiences have offered us the opportunity to make many friends, perform at iconic venues and festivals and be part of exciting collaborations. Astar (tr. journey/distance) is a multicultural celebration, embracing the music of four nations in partnership with our own. We have invited friends from Norway, Quebec, Australia and New Zealand to be part of this recording, which has been brought to life under the guidance and production of Greg Lawson.”

Megan Henderson - fiddle, step-dance, lead vocals (5, 7, 10)
James Lindsay - double bass, percussion, backing vocals
James Duncan Mackenzie - Highland bagpipes, flute, whistles, backing vocals
Calum MacCrimmon - Highland bagpipes, whistles, bouzouki, lead vocals (11)
Ewan Robertson - guitar, cajon, lead vocals (3, 11)

Re: Astar

Congratulations to “Breabach” on this being voted “Album Of The Year” at last night’s “TRAD Awards” in Dundee. Double congratulations, in fact - they were also voted “Folk Band Of The Year” as well.

Re: Astar

Great album! Sounds like Track 4C could be a pipe setting of the Rusty Gully.