Tilly’s Jig

By Beltaine

  1. Finnegan’s Wake
  2. Tilly’s
  3. Go To Sea No More
  4. A Nation Once Again
  5. The Highland Stillhouse
  6. Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell
  7. Old Rosin The Beau
  8. Happy Dance Man
  9. The Scotsman
  10. Rocky Road To Dublin
    The Butterfly
  11. O’Keefe’s
    Atholl Highlanders
  12. Burning Of The Piper’s Hut
    The Piper’s Lament
  13. Step It Out Mary
  14. Planxty Winifred Mary
  15. The Rising Of The Moon
  16. Powell Valley

Two comments

Re: Tilly’s Jig

This is the band’s 5th album in over a decade of performing and entertaining audiences in the Portland area.

The band continues its journey of performing traditional Irish and Scottish songs in non-traditional arrangements and instrumentation. In addition to the guitar, flute, and accordion, the hammered dulcimer is the band’s featured instrument, adding a percussive and unique melodic contribution not usually found in Celtic music.

Tilly’s Jig has both original and traditional instrumental songs as well as many famous and beloved vocal songs. There are several themes woven throughout this album: the sea, family tributes, and of course, humor!

Beltaine’s core members are John Keys on hammered dulcimer, flute and vocals, Brian Baker on guitar and vocals, Kris Chase on hammered dulcimer and marimbula, and Jamie Vandenberg on accordion