An Bodhran: The Irish Drum

By Colm Murphy, De Danann, Conal Ó Gráda, Máirtín O’Connor, Frankie Gavin, Jackie Daly, Seamus Creagh, Seán Ryan, Eoin Ó Riabhaigh, Alec Finn, Ciarán Ó Gealbháin

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  1. The Crooked Road
    The Abbey
    John Kelly’s
  2. Lord Gordon’s
    Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrell
  3. Larry The Beer Drinker
  4. The London Lasses
    The Glass Of Beer
    Richard Dwyer’s
  5. The Desmond Slides
  6. Garrett Barry’s
    The Fog In The Bog
  7. Dunphy’s
    Pound Hill
  8. The Lonesome Polkas
  9. The Blooming Meadows
    The King Of The Pipers
    Give Us A Drink Of Water
  10. Hornpipes
    Kitty’s Wedding
    Jimmy Kelly’s
    The Noon Lasses
  11. Cit Na Gcumann
  12. Sean In The Mist
    The Mason’s Apron

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Colm Murphy plays with De Dannan, Frankie Gavin, Jackie Daly, Seamus Creagh, Mairtin O’Connor, Sean Ryan ….
One of my favorite Cds of the last years.. Despite the title, it is not a record of bodhran, just good music, you won’t hear a single bodhran solo…

That’s the point!

> you won’t hear a single bodhran solo…

Colm Murphy is out to gain some respect for the bodhran. In the liner notes he writes:
"In the past the bodhran was seen as the poor relation of traditional musical instruments, a reputation not wholly udeserved, but increasingly less justified."

I bought this CD for my wife, who is learning bodhran. The clerk in Mulligan’s Music in Galway recommended this recording above the other candidates. I play it all the time because it’s a fine listen.

Who is the flute player on this album. Plays an eccentric set of reels on the second track!

Not eccentric - brilliant !

Conal O’Grada - possibly my favourite flute recording of all time. I’ve honestly never heard better.

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I thought it might be Conál alright. Brilliant set of reels indeed.

Bought this cd for E2 in Dublin airport on our way back from my partners’ folks. It’s a really nice cd. Thought I’d recognised a few of the names above from the playing. Mostly very simple arrangements, Colm’s playing is quite light and pattery and none the worse for that. Prob my best value for money Irish cd yet!

Oops, my comment above mainly derives from the system I was hearing the cd through….

Who’s the whistle player on track 4?

Whistle player is…..

Frankie Gavin - why’s that not on the sleeve notes ?

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Whistle player is ……

Thanks Kenny. Although the disc appears genuine "OEM," my 2 euro cd from Dublin airport came without sleeve notes.

Desmond slides

Has anyone got names for these slides on track 5? (Jackie Daly)

2nd slide is….

Don’t know the first. It could be here under another name. You could take one or more fragments of the "abc"s and try an "Advanced" search. It should show up if it’s here already.

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& the musicians accompanied are ~

1. ) De Danann

2. ) Conal Ó Gráda – flute

3. ) Máirtín O’Connor – box

4. ) Frankie Gavin – whistle

5. ) Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh – box & fiddle

6. ) Frankie Gavin – fiddle & flute

7. ) Seán Ryan – whistle

8. ) Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh – box & fiddle

9. ) Eoin Ó Riabhaigh, Conal Ó Gráda & Alec Finn – uilleann pipes, flute & bouzouki

10. ) De Danann

11. ) Ciarán Ó Gealbháin & Alec Finn – voice & bouzouki

12. ) De Danann