Lios a Phuca

By Pat and Sandra Friel

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  1. The Highest Hill In Sligo
    Kilty Town
  2. Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
  3. The New House
    The Kilmovee
    Gan Ainm
  4. The Village Of Asdee
  5. Lucy Campbell
    The Foxhunter
  6. Lios A Phuca
    Liz Connor’s
  7. Say You Love Me
  8. Jimmy Shand’s
  9. The Mossy Banks
    Miss Langston’s
    The Long Jump
  10. Moonlight In Mayo
  11. Currants For Cakes And Raisins For Everything
  12. The Cap And Bell
    The Swallow’s Nest
  13. Thomond Bridge
  14. My Achill Island Home
  15. Paddy O’Brien’s
    Reidy’s Fancy
  16. These Are My Mountains
  17. The Spey In Spate
    Kiss Me Kate
  18. Joe Liddy’s

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Re: Lios a Phuca

Pat Friel hails from Letterbrook, Westport, Co. Mayo. He has recorded two albums with the Heather Breeze Ceili Band, and one previous solo album, ‘The Humours of Westport.’ This recording features his daughter Sandra on piano.