Jimmy Shand Plays Jimmy Shand

By Jimmy Shand and His Band

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  1. Lady Elgin Of Broomhall
    Lord Elgin Of Broomhall
  2. The Maresland Two-Step
  3. Lady Angela Alexander
    Sir Kenneth J.W. Alexander
  4. Threave Castle
  5. Superintendent Ian Thomson’s Farewell To The Fife Police
  6. Francis Wright’s
  7. Memories Of Willie Snaith
  8. Ian Powrie’s Welcome To Dunblane
    Jimmy Shand’s Compliments To Ian Powrie
  9. Andrew Blair Of Pittachope, Brunton
    Allan Gibb F.R.C.S.
  10. The Windy Edge Barn Dance
  11. Lunan Bay
    Tom And Mary Lyon’s
    It’s Grand Among Your Ain Folk
  12. David Anderson Shand’s 40th Birthday
    Geordie Watson The Co-Worker
  13. Heather Mixture Two-Step
  14. Alice Mearns
    Ian And Bunty Redford’s Silver Wedding March
  15. Jimmy Shand’s Compliment To Harry Lawson
    Jimmy Shand’s Compliments To Dr. A.K. Tulloch
  16. The Whitley Chapel Barn Dance
  17. John McDonald’s March
  18. Miss Jean Thomson’s 100th Birthday
    Miss Jeannie King
  19. Bryce Laing’s Welcome To Auchtermuchty
  20. Guardians Of The Gulf
    The Royal Guard Regiment Of H.M. The Sultan Of Oman
  21. Willie Merrilees O.B.E.
  22. Margaret Innes
    Robert Innes Of Pitterweem

One comment

“Jimmy Shand Plays Jimmy Shand: A Unique Collection of Original Compositions”

Delta Music Ltd., Kent, 1997 - Music Digital CD6073
Licensed from Ross Records

"So much has been written about Jimmy Shand over the past sixty years that it is difficult to find words that have not already been used. However it may not be generally appreciated that, apart from his fame as a button accordionist and a leader in the field of Scottish Dance Music with his legendary ‘Jimmy Shand and His Band’, he (was) also a prolific composer of Scottish Airs and Dance Tunes. For over fifty years, both during his infrequent rest periods at his home in Auchtermuchty, Fife, and as he was travelling the world with his band, he was constantly putting pen to paper with new melodies ~

With more than 200 tunes to his credit is is only right that a special album should be compiled with exclusively Jimmy Shand compositions - and that is what this album achieves, containing 34 such tunes played in the Shand style that has only to be heard once to be recognized."

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I’m making a few additions here in the recordings section of the site in preparation for launching into another ‘composer’s week’, a time to add a few of Jimmy Shand’s works to this site, hoping a few others will also contribute… Of late I’d been listening to a number of very rearly Jimmy Shand recordings, including tracks where it’s just him and no one else, no other accompaniment…