Live at Malachy’s

By Díseád

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Díséad came together in 2015 after a session in Pepper’s Bar during the Feakle Festival in Co. Clare. The session inspired Fu and Kevin to play more together and they decided to have a few quiet tunes in Malachy’s Bar in Quin on Monday nights, where Malachy himself throws out the pints and serves up the craic as only he can. Live at Malachy’s is a small and diverse selection of tunes Kevin has been teaching in Clare since 1995. Fu has lived and played in Clare since 1998. His innovative and unique accompaniment compliments the tunes, adding refreshing colour and life. The music was recorded over several dirty wintry nights during January and February of 2016. An exceptional winter for the falling of sky water.

Re: Live at Malachy’s

Very much enjoying listening to the two sample audio tracks on that Bandcamp page.
Flute and mandola/bouzouki duo, by the way - I don’t think the info above mentioned that!

Very interesting and sensitive accompaniment – all too often fretted instruments steamroller tunes into crude obvious majors and minors with boring strumming. None of that here I’m pleased to say.