Just One More…

By Jonathan Milton

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Re: Just One More…

This is a fantastic album by one of the top players on the Texas scene. Highly recommended.

There is a good blend of staples and newer tunes, and the playing reflects that with a sound that is rooted in tradition with some modern touches. Neil’s, Natalie Jane, Celeste, and Suzi’s are Jonathon’s original compositions. There is also a fine cast of supporting musicians, including Joseph Carmichael, a really inventive guitarist.

Jonathan Milton – Wooden flutes (all tracks), Generation whistle (track 6)
Michelle Hedden – Bodhran (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)
Jeff Moore – Guitar (tracks 3, 5, 8, 9)
Charlie Branch – Bouzouki (tracks 7 and 11), Guitar (tracks 4 and 7) Joseph Carmichael – Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 6, 10)
Daniel Mehalko – Tenor Banjo (tracks 6 and 10)
Jonathan Smither – Fretless Bass (tracks 4 and 7)
Ryan Gould – String Bass (track 1)
Pat Manske – Drums (track 4)
Chris Buckley – Fiddle (track 5)
David Mehalko – Fiddle (track 10)

Tracks 1-10 recorded at The Zone Recording Studio, Dripping Springs, TX Engineer: Pat Manske.
Track 11 recorded at Cedar Fever Studio, Manor, TX
Engineer: Rich Maus.
Fretless bass (tracks 4 and 7) recorded at Amusement Park Studio, Lubbock, TX Engineer: Patrick Graf. String Bass (track 1) recorded at, EAR Studio, Austin, TX Engineer: James Stevens