New Landscapes

By Cuig

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Re: New Landscapes

I’ve added tune names where I know them. Will update as I find them out!

Notation links

The titles as published differ a little from the above posting. I include more info below.

1 “Echo Falls” is the setname. The tunes are:
1.1 Drumhoney sessions (Marita Savage)
1.2 Doogary Crannog (Zoe Conway)
1.3 Echo Falls (Ryan Murphy)

2 “New landscapes” is the setname. The titles are:
2.1 Edinburgh Rock (David Lim)
2.2 The bunny’s hat (David Lim)
2.3 Seal Island fiddle (Paul Cranford)

3 Poison the well (Cathal Murphy)

4 “The mountain couch” is the setname. The tunes are:
4.1 The lady’s cup of tea (Traditional) see also
4.2 The dashing white eejit (Allan Henderson)

5 “10.40 to Heathrow” is the setname. The tunes are:
5.1 The chapel bell (Frank McCollam) see also
5.2 A break in the clouds (Cathal Murphy)

6 “Kent to Kintail” is the setname. The tunes are:
6.1 Bo mhin na Toitean, aka. Highland lassie going to the fair (Traditional) see also
6.2 The call to dance, aka. Andy Renwick’s ferret (Gordon Duncan) see also
6.3 Kent to Kintail (Tim Edey)

7.1 The Pilsner polka (Eoin Murphy)
7.2 Waiting for Begley (Sharon Shannon)

8.1 Land’s End (Michael Rooney)
8.2 Grappa groove (Niall Vallely)
8.3 Willie Macrae’s jig (Iain MacFarlane)

9 A space in time (Rónán Stewart & Eoin Murphy)

10 “Napoleon’s” is the setname. The tunes are:
10.1 Napoleon crosses the Alps, aka. The battle of Waterloo (Traditional) see also
10.2 Johnny Doherty’s reel (Traditional) see also
10.3 Rolling in the barrel (Traditional) see also