Traditional Dance Tunes

By The Hollow Rock String Band

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"The Hollow Rock String Band: Traditional Dance Tunes"

Alan Jabbour - fiddle ( )
Tommy Thompson - banjo
Jim Watson - guitar, mandolin, autoharp
Sandy Bradley - piano & guitar

County, 1997 ~ 15 tracks of very enjoyable old-time music, LP, cassette, CD…

Roots of the Red Clay Ramblers - The Hollow Rock String Band
The Hollow Rock String Band: Traditional Dance Tunes

Biography by Eugene Chadbourne:

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

The Hollow Rocks were one of the first fiddle albums I bought.
Later, became a big fan of the Ramblers. Have the first copy sold of
"Twisted Laurel" (autographed by them @ Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, Pa
USA. Thanks for the reminder !

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Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

"Hop Light Ladies" is the well-known tune ( Niel Gow) "Mrs Macleod of Raasay", here played fast and very pleasantly by this band. At least one other Scottish tune on this album which I can recommend as an excellent band for dancing to. The band was playing in the late 1960s and I think the cd is a reissue (I bought it from a shelf of discontinued cds from the Library of Birmingham about 2 years ago). I have enjoyed listening to this band and am sorry that in the 21st century they are no longer playing together!

Re: Trad. Dance Tunes

If this doesn’t get you dancing, nothing will. Bought 2nd hand from the Library of Birmingham, didn’t know how good it wld be….

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

Have 2 left feet, but hop I must if hearing tracks from this cd.

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

"Hop Light Ladies" is aka Miss Macleod’s and other names eg Miss Macleod of Raasay. "Hop HIGH Ladies" another alt. name, a fun tune and very popular. Might be be Niel Gow’s - does anybody know? Played super fast on this cd.

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

This music would be great at a hootenanny. So infectiously "get up and dance" (or hop painfully around in my case with fractured leg…) Good luck all of yous. "Jawbones" no. 7 is a tonic.

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

ceolachan : I beg your pardon, you already listed this cd three years ago.

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

No, having pruned big rosebush (fragrant yellow flowers) and wee red roses on either side, last autumn, I promise myself a rose garden. Yellow rose flowered THREE times last summer, brill.

That’s a good old song -I remember it well.